Users Like Heat Maps and LOVE Bubbles!!!

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We received a nice note today from a user who wrote us:  “OTUS Analytics have features like the heat maps which I like a lot that Zoho Reports does not have….. I really LOVE the Bubble feature too.”

That is correct. [Well Known Dashboard Software Company] doesn’t offer a heat map widget. Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a major or minor competitor in the dashboard or balanced scorecard software market that offers a heat map widget. Why is that? As I wrote yesterday, it’s because the vast majority of dashboard and balanced scorecard software publishers believe that there is a difference between a scorecard and a dashboard. OTUS Analytics believes that a “scorecard” is just another performance visualization widget!

Dashboard with Scorecard Performance Visualization Widget
Dashboard with Scorecard Performance Visualization Widget

We also do not believe that “scorecards” are about an artificial third variable that is a calculated score. A “scorecard” is a table of actual data values with performance reference values. The easy way to make the relative performance value of those values clear is with a heat map, just like Avinash Kaushik says in Six Data Visualizations that Rock, “Welcome my best friend: heat maps in tables!”

We just make it easy and we make it as a widget so that they become part of any dashboard.

It’s so nice to hear that our users appreciate that! The idea is the brain child of Matt Clarke and Homan Boa. I came from a background where scorecards were different from dashboards. They showed me that they are not!!!

And about that Bubble (widget) that they LOVE? More about that tomorrow. It really is an awesome little dashboard widget!

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