Great Dashboard “Heat Map” Presentation Example

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Great Dashboard "Heat Map" Presentation Example

Avinash Kaushik posted this great example of how you can use “heat map” coloring techniques to make dashboard data table presentations clear and easy to offer instant insight.

I’ve linked to his post on #3: “Heat Map” Tables in ClickTracks.  in several posts before. I would link to several posts he’s made on the subject in Google+ and Facebook but those media haven’t yet given us a way to link to a particular post :-( …bottom line follow Avinash on Google+ and/or Avinash on Facebook.

And for those of you who find you already follow too much, I’ll continue to share random good stuff he posts :-)

Here’s what Avinash says in this post. Let’s break it down.

“Sometimes a table works just fine.” A table often works just fine because we live in a daily spreadsheet world. But….

“Picking the right dimensions is really important  and, if you are going in front of an executive audience, keep the rows to five or six.” Wow, does he get this one right. I get a headache looking at what clients want to create as “color coded scorecards” with our heat map widget. Always TOO MUCH DATA.

“Also take note of how they’ve highlighted the “winner” in each row using green. So simple. Always works.” Yep. It is a simple way of “heat mapping” the ‘winner’ in each row. Heat mapping data tables does always work!


Dashboard Heat Map Presentation Table
Dashboard Heat Map Presentation Table

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