COMMUNICATION – That IS Why You Should Dashboard. & Fast and Smart.

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COMMUNICATION - That IS Why You Should Dashboard. & Fast and Smart.

I follow Avinash Kaushik (and read his blog and books) because he has a laser focus on communication and straightforward insight. I started this post to talk about a great Evian commercial he just posted on Google+ and Facebook but it triggered a thought about one of his older blog posts which is still worth your time to read, Web Data Quality: A 6 Step Process To Evolve Your Mental Model. There are two lines you should think about:

“What I am saying is that your job does not depend on data with 100% integrity on the web. Your job depends on helping your company Move Fast and Think Smart.

I am also not saying it is easy.”

He sets up the need to move to the “Move Fast and Think Smart” idea in his post on Google+ Did you think Evian could never top their massively successful Evian Roller Baby ad? 

He asks:

“Why is it that so few companies get what it takes to break through the clutter?” IMHO, it is because they don’t Move Fast and Think Smart. Evian clearly does. Here’s the video. It COMMUNICATES, simply and effectively, Live Young (by drinking Evian ;))

Remember that when you dashboard. Your goal is to COMMUNICATE, not puke data. Text and Context. And always KISS it before you share it. :lol:

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